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Coed Fitness hydraulic circuit training


Another choice Figuresoffers that fits into any community is our unique approach to FAMILY fitness.

Families and couples alike love the non-intimidating workout that circuit training provides. It's a true family activity.

What other workout can a male body builder, a seventy year old grandmother, a 12 year old cheerleader and a new mother in her thirties do together, at the same time? on the same equipment? all working at their own strength and endurance level? in just 30-minutes?

The Figures hydraulic circuit training system is the only one they can do together!

Normally they all go do their own thing in a coed gym, not with the circuit program; it's a perfect friends, family and social event.

How does this work? Each user moves in a circular format getting on and off of the equipment pieces as the automatic cue instructs. They move in unison, each one selecting their own resistance settings with a flick of the wrist. Figures cylinders are user friendly, with easy to reach adjustments so that the gentlemen can adjust to the higher settings while the lady can easily adjust to a lighter load to accommodate her needs. Each user stays on a piece of equipment only 30 to 45 seconds depending on the cue selected for the workout which eliminates having to wait to use a piece of equipment. They all get three sets on each piece in just 30 minutes making it the best total body workout ever!!!!

Our hydraulic circuit training system has no boundaries!

Your members will love the work out!

Hydraulic fitness circuit training instructor


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