Fast Fun Fitness manufactures a unique line of hydraulic exercise equipment that stands alone in the fitness equipment industry. Quality manufacturing with commercial grade materials makes our user friendly hydraulic fitness equipment design above the current standards. Specially designed hydraulic cylinders, physiologically correct framework and top of the line upholstery make this equipment worth checking out!

Fast Fun Fitness sets the standards with industry leading concepts with advanced hydraulic fitness systems while the other exercise equipment manufacturers are light years behind.

The term "hydraulic" has been used very loosely by all other hydraulic circuit training equipment manufacturers. Specifically, they use automobile style shock absorbers to cut costs and to produce an inferior product with an inadequate "one size fits all" thirty minute work out program.

The fitness equipment experts at Fast Fun Fitness know better. We manufacture superior circuit training specific hydraulic cylinders with longer durability and quieter action that's user adjustable. Our equipment design team of innovators is constantly improving on industry leading ideas and will keep you ahead of the competition.

ADVANTAGES OF THE FAST FUN FITNESS EQUIPMENT: You not only have a place for the beginner, but a superior hydraulic exercise system that will meet the needs of your more advanced club members for years to come.

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Aerostrength Circuit Line:

We know fitness hydraulic equipment and the hydraulic systems that work best!

After years of using other fitness equipment manufacturers lines of equipment, only to be disappointed in the quality and performance, we finally decided to make our own! To do that we went to the experts in the manufacturing of commercial exercise equipment with our own designs and specifications.

Our exclusive hydraulic fitness equipment designs are of the highest quality and manufactured by hydraulic exercise equipment experts with combined experience of over 70 years! We now have the most advanced velocity controlled exercise equipment made in America today.

hydraulic fitness - cylinder


  • Adjustable cylinders gives you 6-true levels of resistance and firmly snaps into each position.
  • Each cylinder is individually calibrated in both directions to the specific muscle group which gives the user smooth and controlled full range resistance.
  • hydraulic fitness - adjustable resistance
  • Extra large knobs are easy to REACH, easy to READ and will stay where you put it.
  • Cylinders are constructed by hand at our factory with precision sealing to prevent leaks and oilite bearings for the LONGEST LASTING WARRANTY on the market.
  • Easily accomodates individuals from 4'5" to 6'8" tall with no weight limit! Each piece has ample room for small to large to enter and exit easily and quickly without getting hung up.
  • Our frames are made of commercial grade steal with reinforced welds. They are sand blasted and sprayed with a RUST PROOF coating before being powder coated with the highest grade paints in the hottest ovens. Our superior frames are heavy and WON'T TIP OVER, although each piece has custom designed WHEELS that make them easy to move around your floor.

  • hydraulic fitness - easy to read dials
  • The highest MARINE GRADE commercial upholstery with 2" closed cell foam keeps your equipment from smashing down in heavy use areas. LONG LASTING heavy duty stitching will keep your investment beautiful for years to come.
  • Handles are germ resistant and we made sure to choose body OIL RESISTANT upholstery to prevent breakdown and tears with hundreds of colors to choose from.
  • One cylinder adjustment perfectly adjusts every time to keep the opposing muscle group from overworking. Fluid controlled cylinders make it the perfect choice for Senior Fitness Programming, Ladies Only Fitness market, and is strong enough to stand up to the Men's Only and heavy use Co-Ed markets. As the user fatigues and slows down, the resistance gets easier, regardless of the cylinder setting. The user can easily finish the timed interval without having to stop.
  • VALUE ADDED FEATURES: The little things count! Although our frames are heavy duty and tip proof each hydraulic fitness machine will move around your floor easily with custom designed wheels. The sturdy handles are germ resistant and the upholstery is body oil resistant! The large, easy to read control valve is at your finger tips. All of the features on our 2003 models make this hydraulic fitness equipment the ultimate choice for "user friendly" hydraulic circuit training.

    Circuit Training Cardio Additions

    Circuit Training Cardio Additions

    A fitness center's biggest problem is member retention. Members get bored, hit plateaus or they are ready to move on to something more challenging. As competion increases and the public demands better service and more workout options; cardio stations are a must. These are the reasons you should consider adding additional cardio stations to your club.

    - Elipticals

    - Sprint Airdynes

    - Treadmills

    - Rebounder

    - Recumbent Bikes

    Our cardio selection is limitless. We have corporate buying power and can offer great prices on top-of-the-line exercise machines and our recommended pieces have been tried and tested to work best in the circuit training format.


    Circuit Training Recovery Stations

    circuit training - recovery stations
    To get maximum results on the hydraulic circuit training system the workout should be done in a "work/recover" format. Clients should get their heart rates up to the their maximum fat burning or aerobic training zones while on the hydraulic machines for a minimum of 30 seconds then they should move to a recovery station where they will bring their heart rates down into the lower part of the zone they are working in for another 30 second interval. This allows them to recover from the exertion on the resistance machine before they move on to the next machine.

    Fast Fun Fitness offers the highest quality and safest Recovery Stations on the market!


    Instructor Led Circuit Training Tools

    Instructor Led Circuit Training Tools

    Challenge and change is the name of the game when it comes to the best instructor led group exercise classes! Here we give you packages that work best in your circuit training format.

    Rubber Resistance Kits

    Bells, Benches & Racks

    Cardio Kick ToolsInstructor Led Circuit Training Tools


    Selectorized Multi-Gyms

    Selectorized Multi-Gyms

    Strength Trainer Provides a total body workout. By accommodating multiple upper- and lower-body exercises, Precor strength training systems enable users to quickly and easily achieve the overall benefits of strength training. Ergonomically correct design. Precor strength training systems are adjustable to the individual so users are always in the proper position. This encourages more effective exercise for better, quicker results. Variety in a small footprint. Since all Precor strength training systems allow several upper- and lower-body exercises at each station, the machines are incredibly space efficient.


    Body Composition Analysis Machine

    Body Composition Analysis Machine

    Health and fitness professionals have long recognized the importance of measuring the body fat of their clients.

    The most successful of them know how body fat analysis can help grow their business, increase their profits, and show clients the positive results of their hard work. Futrex's patented Near-Infrared Body Composition Analyzers have helped thousands of physicians, health club owners, chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapists, and others do exactly that.


    Tanning Packages

    Tanning Packages - tanning beds

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