women circuit training hydraulic curves gym class
women circuit training hydraulic curves gym class
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance Training Physical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance TrainingPhysical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training 

Exercise Concept and History

Strength Cardio Aerobic Stations Circuit gym class Safe Strength Training and Cardio Exercise in each machine! Advanced Performance Equipment

The Hydraulic Circuit Training System 

The aerobic/anaerobic strength training circuit is an advanced program offering unparalleled results. 

Hydraulic exercise originated in 1967 as an advanced sports training program for athletes because of its ability to safely produce more aerobic power and explosive force in a shorter period of time. Now, everyone from youth to the elderly are enjoying the benefits of this amazing equipment.


In 1967 a high school football coach witnessed too many young football players getting injured while training on heavy weights. As a result, he devised a safer way to increase strength using the fluid resistance of a hydraulic cylinder mounted on various strength machines in place of the iron weights.

His newly designed strength machines using hydraulic fluid filled cylinders increased resistance as the athlete's speed increased. So the faster the athlete moved the greater the resistance became.  

Soon after implementing his new training program his players began to perform far better than he expected. He quickly discovered there were more benefits to using hydraulic cylinders for resistance training than he first thought. 

He discovered that over-building muscles with iron weights slowed speed and decreased flexibility compared to hydraulic resistance training. Slower speeds and decreased flexibility increases the risk of injury whereas hydraulic resistance training increases speed and flexibility thereby decreasing the risk of injury.

Much to his delight, hydraulic resistance training produced increases in 

1) Explosive Force   2)Strength   3) Aerobic Power   4) Speed        

5) Muscular Endurance   6) Cardiovascular Endurance  

6) and even Flexibility!  

From 1970 Hydraulic Exercise Training has become more and more popular with: 

Professional Athletes

Physical Therapists

Medical Rehabilitation Therapists

Olympic Teams and Coaches

and hundreds of college and high school football teams.  

Here are the primary reasons:

  • Fluid resistance is safe and gentle on joints and muscles.
  • Reduction in injuries means you can stay in the game!
  • Greater gains in all 3-power sources:
    • Aerobic exercise produces cardiovascular endurance
    • Interval training produces cardiovascular power
    • Resistance training produces strength

             Strength plus Speed equals Explosive Force


In the late 80's, Henley Healthcare Company, introduced an exciting program the the Health Club Industry called P.A.C.E. It was an instructor led group fitness class done in an interval format that was set to music using hydraulic exercise machines.

P.A.C.E. became popular in many health clubs in the U.S. especially with women. The reason was not only because women love the social interaction of group exercise but they quickly discovered the amazing fat burning benefits! 

In a very short period of time a person working out on the hydraulic circuit can lose an amazing amount of body fat. It is for this reason that the 30-minute hydraulic interval training circuit workout exploded in popularity around the world.

Women's health club chains began popping up in great numbers around the world!

Since then, the hydraulic circuit training program has produced fitness franchises and independent health clubs in over 100 countries.

Now, everyone is benefiting from these incredible machines! 


For the Athlete, hydraulic strength training, (also referred to as Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training or VERT), can provide 100% maximal muscle overload. 

As the muscles fatigue, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust so the user is still working at 100% of what the muscles are capable of generating.

By allowing the user to work the full-range of movement while providing maximal (100%) overload at all points and angles increases full-range of motion strength.  

Hydraulic resistance machines combine the principles of isotonics and isokinetics because both the speed and the resistance vary through out the range of motion. 

This provides optimal increases in muscular strength,  power,  speed, endurance, and even flexibility. 

Using hydraulic resistance machines Athletes can train how they perform, WITH SPEED!

Strength training with speed on hydraulic resistance machines trains the nervous system to contract the Type 2 Fast Twitch muscle fibers. The faster the muscles contract, the faster the body moves, but we're not just talking about speed. Hydraulic resistance training produces EXPLOSIVE POWER, which is speed with strength behind it! 

Strength with speed equals POWER or FORCE. The faster the body moves the faster the athlete can run, jump, hit, and throw, but now they can do it EXPLOSIVELY with MORE FORCE. 

With hydraulic resistance the Athlete can strength train using as much force and speed that they can produce!

It can only be done SAFELY on fluid resistance machines.

The biggest fear for an Athlete in training is getting injured right before they compete. With fluid resistance machines Athletes can stay in the game because the risk of injury is almost zero!

Furthermore, unlike weighted machines, the muscles worked on fluid resistance machines need less recovery time due to muscle soreness. Training on hydraulic machines an Athlete can almost double their training time. Or, if they choose, they can cut their training time in half and still get better results.

The cylinder automatically matches the speed and the force of the user. 

This is huge in terms of endurance for optimal athletic performance.

AeroStrength is made in American and offers unique design features that produce phenomenal results at an affordable price for nearly all projects. 

Our Philosophy is simple: 

Offer the highest quality product at the best price with the longest warranty and excellent customer service. 

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We manufacture commercial gym equipment that is safe strength training equipment for home fitness, physical therapy, clinical rehab, geriatric exercise, and athletic and sports performance training.

The muscle mass is gained by the resistance provided by the hydraulic pistons (cylinders) filled with fluid, typically hydraulic oil. Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is used in physical therapy and rehab to build muscle throughout the full range of motion. It is the only strength equipment that can safely be done with speed and is the main reason professional athletes use hydraulic resistance also called velocity enhanced resistance. Hydra is short for hydraulic and Hydro is also used to describe fluid exercise and fluid-filled resistance machines.

While we oftentimes sell other brands of used hydraulic fitness equipment we do not sell or manufacture the Curves for Women machines or circuit sets. Our machines are similar to Curves in that we both use hydraulic cylinders but our cylinders are heavy duty commercial hydraulic pistons that are hand-made in America, by us, for human exercise only. The hydraulic cylinders used on the Curves machines and many other brands are usually mass produced automobile shock absorbers.

If you are searching for commercial gym equipment sets, physical therapy equipment, exercise equipment for chiropractic rehab, athletic performance training equipment, or for a unique way to enhance your gym equipment offering, we have the quality workmanship and best prices for your project.

We provide training and manuals along with group circuit workout essentials. We can also assist you with business planning, licensing, franchising, private labeling, branding, and all phases of start-up assistance and consulting. Check out our Store for items that you may find helpful during your start up phase. We encourage questions and ideas on how we can produce better products and services, so give us a call at 1-918-949-8362 or email info@fastfunfitness.com 



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