women circuit training hydraulic curves gym class
women circuit training hydraulic curves gym class
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance Training Physical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance TrainingPhysical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training 

AeroStrength is perfect for Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, and Geriatric Wellness

simply fit boards cushioned exercise step pad fitness Jogging Square - Cushioned Fitness Board

Choose 3 or more AeroStrength machines and get 2-Cushioned Fitness Boards FREE!

Our jogging boards are 30x30 inches with nearly 3-inches of comfort cushioning. You may also substitute the 2-FREE jogging boards for 1-FREE XL Aerobic Platform! The Aerobic Platform is double the size of a single jogging board and measures 30x60 inches; perfect for floor exercises too.

Our fitness boards hold up to 400 pounds.

Professionals choose AeroStrength

hydraulic rehab equipment isokinetic machines senior physical therapy equipment

AeroStrength has accommodating fluid resistance that strengthens opposing muscle groups with concentric contractions. This combined with smooth fluid movements make it a safe exercise system for nearly any practice.


Professionals and their clients have been relying on hydraulic exercise equipment since 1970. It's been used in nursing homes, assisted living centers, inpatient hospital rehabilitation, outpatient physical therapy, chiropractic care, sport injury rehab, and wellness centers.

hydraulic fitness rehab equipment isokinetic machines AeroStrength Hydraulic Multi-Gym 6-in-1+

Professionals have chosen hydraulic exercise equipment because it provides safe accommodating resistance exercises. Accommodating hydraulic resistance is concentric (positive) exercise only; there is no eccentric loading of muscles, thereby reducing muscle soreness. 


The smooth fluid resistance reduces stress on joints and soft tissue. For the older and weaker/deconditioned patient population, concentric only loading of muscles is a safe and effective way to get a patient to start exercising. 

fluid resistance machines for seniors hydraulic fitness Smooth and gentle on joints

If a person drops the handle or cannot continue the movement and let's go there is no risk of injury. On most machines the handles stay where they are left and on other machines the handles slowly float back to the down position. 

It's simple. It's safe. It's effective.

home multi-gym rehab therapy exercise machine Easy on joints and muscles

Another unique feature is that the equipment resistance changes dynamically throughout the range of movement. As the patient fatigues, instead of the patient limiting their range of motion or quitting, they are able to decrease their effort, and complete the range of motion, much like in a swimming pool. As the patient moves slower, the resistance gets lighter.


The accommodating resistance strengthens the entire length of the muscle by dynamically matching force throughout the full range of motion. This not only makes the muscle functionally stronger, but it also has an impact on joint flexibility.

leg machine strength machine fluid resistance training AeroStrength Leg Press

The gentle re-building of opposing muscles by fluid resistance results in: 

  • Less muscle soreness
  • Less stress on joints
  • Less risk of injury
  • Better muscular balance
  • Added cardio benefits
  • Increased flexibility
hydraulic cylinders exercise fitness equipment Hydraulic Fitness Cylinder

There are no pins, no buttons, no pulleys, no complicated electronics, no entry or exit barriers, just smooth fluid movements.

If a handle is suddenly released it stays in place or slowly moves downward into position. These safety features allow therapists to work with more clients at the same time without the worry of injury. Unlike, other systems a therapist can walk away from their patient to work with another patient without worrying about an accident.

The durability is evidenced by our warranty. Our hydraulic cylinders are unique in the fitness and rehab markets lasting up to 25-years without repair. 

hydraulic upper body machine tricep press arms AeroStrength Upright Row Tricep Press

The small footprint requires less space! AeroStrength decreases over-head expenses by giving you a space savings advantage. Each of our single fitness-equipment machines is the equivalent of two conventional strength machines, requires no assembly, and is easy to move. 

AeroStrength saves you even more money because each piece is also a cardio machine! That's why we named it "Aero" Strength! Inherently, the user moves faster on hydraulic exercise machines because there is no "letting down" of the weight as in the case of eccentric contraction exercises. 


Our Multi-Gym is equivalent to 6-strength machines and a 1-full-body cardio machine with optional exercises for abs and low back! 

isokinetic physical therapy machine hydraulic exercise hydraulic rehab multi-gym

AeroStrength is proudly manufactured in America. Our cylinders have been hand-made by us for over 45-years and they are specifically made for human-exercise (not automobiles like other brands).  

We manufacture to exceed commercial fitness equipment standards while striving to make it affordable for the ever increasing "home fitness" market.

Whether you are searching for the highest quality fitness or rehab equipment for professional use, or the best built home-fitness equipment for yourself or a loved one, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with AeroStrength. 

These 5-pieces work over 30 muscle groups for total body strengthening.         

 1) Multi-Gym

2) Single Power Max

3) Multi-Lift Task

4) Ad-Ab-Hip

5) Dip Shrug

AeroStrength 2017 Brochure
AeroStrength Brochure 2017.pdf
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Contact Phone: 1-918-949-8362           Contact Email: info@fastfunfitness.com

We manufacture commercial gym equipment that is safe strength training equipment for home fitness, physical therapy, clinical rehab, geriatric exercise, and athletic and sports performance training.

The muscle mass is gained by the resistance provided by the hydraulic pistons (cylinders) filled with fluid, typically hydraulic oil. Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is used in physical therapy and rehab to build muscle throughout the full range of motion. It is the only strength equipment that can safely be done with speed and is the main reason professional athletes use hydraulic resistance also called velocity enhanced resistance. Hydra is short for hydraulic and Hydro is also used to describe fluid exercise and fluid-filled resistance machines.

While we oftentimes sell other brands of used hydraulic fitness equipment we do not sell or manufacture the Curves for Women machines or circuit sets. Our machines are similar to Curves in that we both use hydraulic cylinders but our cylinders are heavy duty commercial hydraulic pistons that are hand-made in America, by us, for human exercise only. The hydraulic cylinders used on the Curves machines and many other brands are usually mass produced automobile shock absorbers.

If you are searching for commercial gym equipment sets, physical therapy equipment, exercise equipment for chiropractic rehab, athletic performance training equipment, or for a unique way to enhance your gym equipment offering, we have the quality workmanship and best prices for your project.

We provide training and manuals along with group circuit workout essentials. We can also assist you with business planning, licensing, franchising, private labeling, branding, and all phases of start-up assistance and consulting. Check out our Store for items that you may find helpful during your start up phase. We encourage questions and ideas on how we can produce better products and services, so give us a call at 1-918-949-8362 or email info@fastfunfitness.com 

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