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We currently have two used sets for sale. See below.

The Ultimate Explosive Power Training Set for Athletic Performance ~ LIKE NEW ~       9-Piece Set used only 6-months!

Posted May 5th, 2017 at 11am CST            Sold on first come first serve basis. No holds.

Update Posted June 15th, 2017                    DOWNLOAD FLYER BELOW

This set was purchase new 2-years ago to open an Athletic Performance Training Center. It was used only 6-months before the owner decided to close the facility due other commitments. This set includes the most sought after pieces for athletic performance training. These machines are the secret training weapons of many elite athletes, Olympic Champions and Pro Athletes alike!

New price on this set was over $20,000

Shipping is not included but can be arranged. Contact Anita Miller at 918-949-8362

Power Speed Training Set used only 6-months!
Used Hydraulic Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training Machines - 9-pieces used in Athletic Performance to increase Speed and Explosive Power
Adobe Acrobat document [468.5 KB]
1) Real Runner 6) Real Jumper
2) Unilateral Knee 7) Ad/Ab Hip
3) Power Neck 8) Power Ankle
4) Dual Power Max 360 9) Speed Squat
5) Power Runner-SOLD  

Posted July 26, 2017                                                DOWNLOAD FLYER BELOW

Lightly Used Fit Express 12-Piece Set Upholstery still looks new! Separate Resistance Settings on the Push and Pull with 8-levels of resistance. 

Lightly Used Fit Express 12-Piece Set
Fit Express manufactured many styles of hydraulic fitness equipment. This set was the newest line with 9-resistance settings right at the user's finger tips. Like all hydraulic exercise equipment it is strength training with speed. It provides cardio and strength conditioning at the same time.
Adobe Acrobat document [420.6 KB]

New Price on this 12-piece set was over $26,000

Shipping can be arranged in the continental U.S. only.

Contact Anita Miller 918-949-8362

1. Abdominal / Low Back
2. Torso Twist
3. Chest Press
4. Shoulder Press
5. Pec Fly 
6. Leg Ext Curl  (broken cord, may be fixable)
7. Leg Press
8. Squat
9. Glute Press
10. Adductor/Abductor Thigh
11. Upright Row
12. Bicep/Tricep
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