women circuit training hydraulic curves gym class
women circuit training hydraulic curves gym class
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance Training Physical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance TrainingPhysical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training 

Posted November 08, 2017                                             Updated 12-24-2017

AeroStrength Set will be available on July 1st, 2018  Shipping can be arranged. This set has our older frame designs prior to 2016. 10-Pieces Set  Asking ONLY $4000!! To secure this set for delivery in July 2018 contact anita@fastfunfitness.com

Used hydraulic fitness equipment for sale curves aerostrength pace AEROSTRENGTH - USED SET OF 10
hydraulic exercise equipment hydra-gym used for sale Double Leg Ext - Knee Curl - Unilateral


1) Shoulder Press - Lat Pull, the handles are in front of you so you push up and not backwards and even the very overweight can fit in this machine. Works shoulders, mid-deltoids, and lats. Biceps and Triceps are also used.
2) Chest Press - Back Row, the handles are in front so even the very overweight can sit and workout on this machine without worry about fitting. Works chest and upper and mid-back. Biceps and Triceps are also used.
3) Vertical Fly - Upper Back, works front and rear deltoids, pectorals, and upper back.
4) 360-Single Handle, works entire core and works the upperbody. Has 360 degree rotation. Works chest, upper back, deltoids, biceps, triceps, lats, obliques, abs, low back, and isometric resistance on hips, legs, and feet.
5) Stepper, we no longer manufacture this machine so its a nice piece to have in your collection. Works hip flexors, glutes, quads, hams, calfs, ankles and feet muscles.
6) Hip - Ad/Ab, the resistance is ABOVE THE KNEE so there's no torque on the knee joints. Works inner and outer thighs, hips, and glutes.
7) Upright Row - Tricep Press, can also be used to do side bends and dip shugs. Works upper chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and obliques.
8) Multi-Lift Task, is a full body workout, upper and lower body, used for dead lifts, squats, calf-raises, lunges, dip shrugs, arm curl, arm press, and bent over back rows. 
9) Unilateral Knee, can set each leg's resistance different. Works quads and hamstrings.
10) Abdominal - Low Back, no chance of using arms to pull down so it focuses on the muscles being worked, the abdominals and the low back.


10-Piece Set of AeroStrength

Still in great working condition. Very well cared for. 

used curves gym machines hydrafitness hydragym pace Used Fitness Equipment - AeroStrength Circuit Set
curves surge hydrafitness pace gym fitness equipment set used Used Gym Set - Circuit Training - Strength and Cardio - HIITS

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