physical therapy equipment - interval training fitness equipment
physical therapy equipment - interval training fitness equipment
Sports Performance - Physical Therapy - Active Aging - Fitness Equipment Fluid resistance delivers safe, gentle, and fast results!
Sports Performance - Physical Therapy - Active Aging - Fitness EquipmentFluid resistance delivers safe, gentle, and fast results!

Fast Fun Fitness manufactures a unique line of exercise equipment called AeroStrength. AeroStrength is gentle for physical therapy and the active aging and yet elite athletes train on it!

Any Body ~ Any Age ~ Any Fitness condition can safely strengthen muscles, gain cardiovascular endurance, and even increase flexibility on this safe fitness equipment all at the same time!

AeroStrength is accommodating and velocity controlled resistance equipment. This means that it automatically adjusts to the user's speed and applied force, dynamically, as it changes throughout the range of movement.

Resistance varies as the speed and force changes allowing the user to finish the range of movement or the set of repetitions even after fatigue. This along with the smooth fluid resistance and double concentric contractions make AeroStrength the professional's choice in physical therapy equipment, senior fitness, and athletic performance training.

The dual positive resistance increases muscle fiber recruitment (which burns more calories) and reduces muscle soreness.

The speed training with resistance increases explosive power faster than other forms of exercise.

In Health Clubs around the world the AeroStrength Interval Training Circuit is the preferred equipment for the popular high intensity interval training workout (HIIT).

For home fitness, personal training studios, and the popular express womens fitness center AeroStrength's small foot print offers a space savings advantage.


Senior's of all ages prefer AeroStrength fitness equipment over iron weights, pulley systems, elastic bands or cardio machines because it offers:

No entry or exit barriers 

Smooth fluid movements 

Its simple to use

There's less risk of injury

 Its gentle on joints and muscles

AeroStrength hydraulic exercise equipment is perfect for the active aging and even the very aged in long-term care facilities. There are no complicated electronics, pins, or buttons.

Designed with Seniors in mind, every machine is easy-entry, easy-exit, and has large handles for easy-grip. If a handle is released suddenly it stays where it was released or it slowly moves downward into position. This safety feature puts AeroStrength at the top of the list in senior safe strength equipment. 

AeroStrength Circuit Classes are also social and non-competitive. Add a little music and watch them socialize, have fun, and start feeling better ~ fast! 

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Professional Athletes and Olympians have been training on fluid resistance machines since 1969.

Now, more than ever, its back in the training room!  Why? Because AeroStrength is strength training with speed that results in EXPLOSIVE POWER  

Resistance is unlimited with 6-levels that all increase or decrease dynamically matching the force of the user throughout the full range of motion. 

Strengthening the full length of the muscles impacts flexibility and decreases the risk of injuries.

Athletes can CUT TRAINING TIME IN HALF with AeroStrength because its aerobic/anaerobic/strength training all at the same time!

Athletes can now train like they perform, with speed, and with less risk of injury and less recovery time. 


An increasing number of athletes are using it to produce greater gains in all three power sources.  And Highschool football teams across America are training on the Power Neck machine to reduce spinal injuries.


Those in physical therapy and under chiropractic care love the dual positive resistance and smooth fluid movements.

The gentle re-building of opposing muscles by fluid resistance results in: 

Less muscle soreness

Less stress on joints

Less risk of injury

Better muscular balance

Added cardio benefits

Increased flexibility

The accommodating resistance strengthens the entire length of the muscle by dynamically matching force throughout the full range of motion. This not only makes the muscle functionally stronger but it also has an impact on joint flexibility.

There are no pins, no buttons, no pulleys, no complicated electronics, no entry or exit barriers, just smooth fluid movements. If a handle is suddenly released it stays in place or slowly moves downward into position. These safety features allow therapists to work with more clients at the same time without the worry of injury. 

And the small footprint requires in less space!

 Health Clubs add sports performance, women only, and seniors.

     This is not a complicated relationship!        Its SIMPLE - PAINLESS - SOCIAL & QUICK!

Fast Results Sell Memberships!

When results come quick, easy, and painlessly, it's a game changer! The weight loss results are visible within weeks, not months! Participants get fit fast, then they tell their friends!  It's a Super Circuit that's Super Fun! Whether set to music with automated interval cues, or as an instructor led circuit class, it's always Social! 


Women lose weight fast and painlessly! This is why the hydraulic fitness circuit for women grew to 85-countries in less than 10-years! Curves for Women, It Figures! Fitness for Her, Ladies Workout Express, Shapes for Women, and many other fitness franchises exploded around the world using fluid resistance equipment. 

Gentle and Safe for Any Age

Senior Living, Active Aging Communities, and Long-Term Care facilities love it because it's not a complicated relationship! It's simple, painless, and SOCIAL! No buttons to push, no complicated electronics, entry and exit are easy, push and pull are simple, muscle strengthening is painless. Cardio is user-controlled and safe.

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 The Professional's Choice for Safe, Effective, Strength Training

For over 45-years hydraulic exercise equipment, like AeroStrength, has been used in:

  • Professional Sports Training
  • Athletic Performance Centers
  • Physical Therapy and Hospital Rehab Facilities 
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • ​Senior Living Communities, Assisted Living, and Long-term Care Facilities 
  • Universities and Public Schools
  • Weight Loss Centers and Bariatric Hospitals
  • YMCA's, Community Recreation Centers, and Health Clubs around the world
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • At Home Exercise

AeroStrength saves you $money$ because each piece is the equivalent of two conventional strength machines and one cardio machines. Our Multi-Gym is equivalent to 6-strength machines and a 1-full-body cardio machine with optional exercises for abs and low back!

AeroStrength saves you space because each machine has a small footprint and requires much less space than other types of equipment. Less space can decrease your monthly overhead cost or free up space for other services.

AeroStrength is the culmination of 45-years of manufacturing excellence. We offer the highest quality at the best price and that's why we can offer the longest warranty in the industry.

AeroStrength is the perfect choice for Sports, Active Aging, Physical Therapy, and Fitness!  

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. are websites owned and operated by Fast Fun Fitness, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, U.S.A. for the purpose of promoting our AeroStrength line of fitness equipment, jogging boards, aerobic platforms, and other lines of gentle, safe, and effective exercise equipment. Contact Fast Fun Fitness at +1 (918) 949-8362 or

Companies that use fluid resistance and velocity controlled hydraulic fitness and rehab equipment are Quantum, Isokinetics, Curves for Women, Fit Express, PhysioFit, PACE, Hydra-gym, Hydra-Fitness, Surge 360, V.E.R.T., Edge Fitness, It Figures Fitness, Shapes for Women, Shapes International, Curves International, Fitness Technolgoes, Express Fit, Slender Lady, FitTech, Go Figure, and American Made Fitness Equipment, just to name a few. Quantum, PhysioFit, Isokinetics, and Fast Fun Fitness are primary suppliers of physical therapy hydraulic resistance machines to chiropractic clinics, and physical therapists in long-term care and hospital rehabs. Isokinetics is a supplier of physical therapy products and supplies. AeroStrength, Quantum, PhysioFit, PACE, Hydra-Gym and Surge 360 are equipment brands. V.E.R.T., Edge, FitTech, Go Figure, AeroStrength are manufactured hydraulic exercise equipment. Manufacturer of the AeroStrength exercise equipment plant located in Texas, USA. 

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