Surge 360, Power Maxx Hydra-Gym, PACE Fitness, Hydraulic Fitness
Surge 360, Power Maxx Hydra-Gym, PACE Fitness, Hydraulic Fitness
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance Training Physical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training
Specialty Equipment for Sports Performance TrainingPhysical Therapy - Active Aging - Velocity Enhanced Strength Training 

Fast Fun Fitness manufactures a unique line of hydraulic exercise equipment called AeroStrength. AeroStrength is cardio and strength training combined. It's gentle for physical therapy and the active aging, and yet elite athletes train on it!  

Any Body ~ Any Age ~ Any Fitness condition can safely strengthen muscles, gain cardiovascular endurance, and even increase flexibility, on hydraulic fitness equipment. Hydraulic fitness equipment has been used by professional and amatuer athletes for over 40-years to increase explosive force. Seniors of all ages love AeroStrength Hydraulic Fitness equipment to build muscle, endurance, and balance. Women use the hydraulic fitness circuit to quickly lose weight and burn hundreds of calories in a 30-minute workout circuit. Physical Therapists choose our commercial physical therapy equipment for safe and gentle rehabilitation of injured muscles. To find out why AeroStrength is the professional's choice read more below.


Senior's of all ages prefer AeroStrength fitness equipment over iron weights, pulley systems, elastic bands or cardio machines because it offers:

  • No entry or exit barriers 
  • Smooth fluid movements 
  • No complicated buttons
  • Easy and Simple to use
  • There's less risk of injury
  • It's gentle on joints and muscles

AeroStrength Senior Circuit Classes are Social, Safe, and Non-intimidating. It's safe strength conditioning and cardio exercise at the same time!

AeroStrength is gentle enough for the very aged with simple and smooth push -pull resistance.

Just add music and have fun!


Professional Athletes and Olympians have been training on fluid resistance machines since 1969. Now, more than ever, its back in the training room! Why? Because AeroStrength is strength training with Speed that results in Explosive Power. 

Fluid Resistance Training is Velocity Enhanced that lessens the risk of injury and increases 

  • Explosive Force 
  • Aerobic Power
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Strength
  • Balance and Coordination 
  • Speed and Reaction Time
  • even Flexibility!

Read how velocity enhanced resistance training has been the secret weapon of many champions!  


Those in physical therapy and under chiropractic care love the dual positive resistance and smooth fluid movements.The gentle re-building of opposing muscles by fluid resistance results in: 

  • Less muscle soreness
  • Less stress on joints
  • Less risk of injuries
  • Better body balance
  • Added cardio benefit
  • Increased flexibility

The accomodating resistance matches the speed and force of the user, making it safe for all. Each piece is the equivalent to two conventional machines, combined with the small footprint, AeroStrength offers a huge space savings advantage!

 Health Clubs add Sports Performance, Women & Senior Circuits

     This is not a complicated relationship!        Its SIMPLE - PAINLESS - SOCIAL & QUICK!

Guarantee Fast Results!

When results come quick, easy, and painlessly, it's a game changer! The weight loss results are visible within weeks, not months! Participants get fit fast, then they tell their friends!  It's a Super Circuit that's Super Fun! Whether set to music with automated interval cues, or as an instructor led circuit class, it's always Social! 

5-Millon Women Love It!

Women lose weight fast and painlessly! This is why the hydraulic fitness circuit for women grew to 85-countries in less than 10-years! Curves for Women, It Figures! Fitness for Her, Ladies Workout Express, Shapes for Women, and many other fitness franchises exploded around the world using fluid resistance equipment. 

Gentle and Safe for Any Age

Senior Living, Active Aging Communities, and Long-Term Care facilities love it because it's not a complicated relationship! It's simple, painless, and SOCIAL! No buttons to push, no complicated electronics, entry and exit are easy, push and pull are simple, muscle strengthening is painless. Cardio is user-controlled and safe.

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 The Professional's Choice for Safe Strength Conditioning

One of the greatest benefits of hydraulic fluid resistance training is the safety feature of velocity controlled resistance. Inherently, the hydraulic cylinder's resistance automatically adjusts to the user's speed and strength. As the individual's speed and force change, throughout the range of motion, the resistance increases or decreases accordingly. Even after the user fatigues, this unique feature, allows the user to continue the movement, or set of repetitions, thereby affirming their ability to finish. When a person can complete the prescribed exercise plan their motivation to continue increases!

The smooth fluid resistance makes it easy on joints. The double concentric contractions reduces muscle soreness. And working opposing muscles at the same time creates better muscular balance. All are reasons why AeroStrength is the professional's choice in rehab equipment, senior fitness, and athletic performance training.

For the at-home exerciser and the womens fitness market, the dual positive resistance increases muscle fiber recruitment while providing aerobic exercise. Strength training with an increase in muscle fiber recruitment combined with aerobic exercise makes AeroStrength hydraulic fitness-equipment the most effective calorie burning machine on the market!

For the athlete, hydraulic resistance exercise is the safest way to speed train with resistance.

Speed training with resistance increases explosive power faster than other forms of exercise.

In Health Clubs around the world the AeroStrength Interval Training Circuit is the preferred fitness-equipment for the popular high intensity interval training workout (HIIT).

Among AeroStrength's innumerable benefits for home fitness, physical therapy, clinical rehabilitation, athletic performance, geriatric exercise, health club and the popular express womens fitness center, is the added benefit of the small foot print!

AeroStrength decreases over-head expenses by giving you a space savings advantage. Each of our single fitness-equipment machines is the equivalent of two conventional strength machines, requires no assembly, and is easy to move. 

The durability is evidenced by our warranty. Our hydraulic cylinders are unique in the fitness and rehab markets lasting up to 25-years without repair. AeroStrenghth is proudly manufactured in America and for over 45-years our hydraulic cylinders have been made specifically for human exercise fitness-equipment.  

We manufacture to exceed commercial fitness equipment standards while striving to make it affordable for the ever increasing "home fitness" market. Whether you are searching for the highest quality fitness or rehab equipment for professional use, or the best built home-fitness equipment for yourself or a loved one, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with AeroStrength. 

For over 45-years hydraulic exercise equipment, like AeroStrength, has been used in:

  • Professional Sports Training
  • Athletic Performance Centers
  • Physical Therapy and Hospital Rehab Facilities 
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • ​Senior Living Communities, Assisted Living, and Long-term Care Facilities 
  • Universities and Public Schools
  • Weight Loss Centers and Bariatric Hospitals
  • YMCA's, Community Recreation Centers, and Health Clubs around the world
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • At Home Exercise

AeroStrength saves you money because each piece is the equivalent of two conventional strength machines and one cardio machine. Our Multi-Gym is equivalent to 6-strength machines and a 1-full-body cardio machine with optional exercises for abs and low back! 

AeroStrength saves you space because each machine has a small footprint and requires much less space than other types of equipment. Less space can decrease your monthly overhead cost or free up space for other services.

AeroStrength is the culmination of 45-years of manufacturing excellence. We offer the highest quality at the best price and that's why we can offer the longest warranty in the industry.

AeroStrength is the perfect choice for Sports Performance Training, Active Aging, Physical Therapy, At-Home Fitness, Express Circuit Training and Weight Loss!  

AeroStrength is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

We manufacture commercial gym equipment that is safe strength training equipment for home fitness, physical therapy, clinical rehab, geriatric exercise, and athletic and sports performance training.

The muscle mass is gained by the resistance provided by the hydraulic pistons (cylinders) filled with fluid, typically hydraulic oil. Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is used in physical therapy and rehab to build muscle throughout the full range of motion. It is the only strength equipment that can safely be done with speed and is the main reason professional athletes use hydraulic resistance; also called velocity enhanced resistance. Hydra is short for hydraulic and Hydro is also used to describe fluid exercise and fluid-filled resistance machines.

While we oftentimes sell other brands of used hydraulic fitness equipment we do not sell or manufacture the Curves for Women machines or circuit sets. Our machines are similar to Curves in that we both use hydraulic cylinders but our cylinders are heavy duty commercial hydraulic pistons that are hand-made in America, by us, for human exercise only. The hydraulic cylinders used on the Curves machines and many other brands are usually mass produced automobile shock absorbers.

If you are searching for commercial gym equipment sets, physical therapy equipment, exercise equipment for chiropractic rehab, athletic performance training equipment, or for a unique way to enhance your gym equipment offering, we have the quality workmanship and best prices for your project.

We provide training and manuals along with group circuit workout accessories. We can also assist you with business planning, licensing, franchising, private labeling, branding, and all phases of start-up assistance and consulting. Check out our Store for items that you may find helpful during your start up phase. We encourage questions and ideas on how we can produce better products and services, so give us a call at 1-918-949-8362 or email are owned and operated by Fast Fun Fitness, an Oklahoma Company, for the purpose of promoting our AeroStrength line of fitness equipment, jogging boards, aerobic platforms, and other lines of gentle, safe, and effective exercise equipment. Contact Fast Fun Fitness at +1 (918) 949-8362 or

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