30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats
30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats

AeroStrength for Sports and Athletic Performance Training

AeroStrength's Power Line of hydraulic fitness equipment increases hand speed, power, strength, balance, and coordination.

AeroStrength offers the ultimate POWER training equipment.

The list of elite athletes that train on hydraulic exercise equipment is extensive, here are just a few. 

Chicago Bears and the 49's San Francisco Coach, Mike Singletary, Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Olympic Hockey Team, NFL HOF, Holly McPeak, Olympic Volleyball Medalist, Colleen Schneider, MMA Champion, Gilbert Melendez, UFC's Champion Fighter, Lenny Krayzelburg, 3 Olympic Gold Medals, Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs Baseball Legend, A.J. Hawk, GreenBay Packers Linebacker, Steve Fraser, USA Olympic Wrestling Coach, and hundreds of others along with thousands of high school and college athletes.

Over 50 compound movements are required for total core body muscle engagement to stabilize and maintain balance. The omnikinetic resistance makes training safe for any user even non-athletes.

AeroStrength combines the principles of isotonics and isokinetics. Hydraulic exercise eliminates inertia resulting in maximum muscle fiber recruitment through the entire range of motion.

AerStrength provides 100% true maximal muscle overload.

As both the speed and resistance vary throughout the range of motion of the exercise AeroStrength provides maximal (100%) overload at all joint angles which provide optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed and endurance.

As the muscle fatigues, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust so the athlete can still work at 100% of what the muscles are capable of generating at that time.

That translates into superior endurance for optimal athletic performance.  

Every movement engages multiple muscle groups, and the push/pull dynamic recruits twice as many muscle fibers as other comparable strength training movements. The result is rapid anaerobic energy failure that can most closely be compared to sprinting.

Professional Athletes and Olympians have been training on fluid resistance machines since 1969. Now, more than ever, its back in the training room!

Why? Because AeroStrength is strength training with speed that results in explosive power.  

Athletes can train like they perform, with speed!

Resistance is unlimited with 6-levels that all increase or decrease dynamically matching the force of the user throughout the full range of motion. 

Strengthening the full length of the muscles impacts flexibility and decreases the risk of injuries.

Athletes can cut training time in half with AeroStrength because its aerobic/anaerobic/strength training all at the same time!

AeroStrength allows for high-speed training of the type II fast twitch muscle fibers. There is also less risk of injury and less recovery time. 

This leaves more time to compete!

Although, all of our equipment is perfect for sports performance training we have a few pieces that are specifically designed to increase athletic performance. 

Check out our Power Line Machines below.

Football Legend, Mike Singletary

Mike Singletary

3-time All American Linebacker at Baylor University

All Pro 8-times

All NFC selection 9-straight years

Selected to 10 consecutive Pro Bowls

2-time Defensive Player of the Year

Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee

Head Coach of the San Francisco 49’s 

Uses and promotes hydraulic resistance training, especially the Neck Machine.

Olympic Gold Medalist,                 Lenny Krayzelburg

Lenny Krayzelburg is an American former backstroke swimmer, and Olympic gold medalist and former world record holder. He swam in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics. He won a total of four Olympic gold medals. 

Krayzelburg has cut down his time in the pool and substituted the time using hydraulic resistance training.

Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training —"it is the toughest thing I've ever done outside the water."

"It gives me a distinct edge I never had before."

 "I'm stronger and the muscles I use in swimming move faster."

Uses and promotes hydraulic fitness equipment. 

UFC Champion, Gilbert Melendez

Gilbert "El Niño" Melendez is an American mixed martial artist who has fought at Featherweight and currently fights at Lightweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a two-time Strikeforce Lightweight Champion and a former WEC Lightweight Champion. He also competed in PRIDE FC, Shooto, and Rumble on the Rock. Melendez holds the distinction of being one of a select group of fighters who have ever been ranked #1 in the world in two weight classes in MMA.

Hydraulic Resistance helped Melendez train at maximum intensity before his World Championship fight in 2013 while he recovered from a shoulder injury.

MMA Champion, Colleen Schneider

Colleen Schneider is an American professional mixed martial artist. Colleen was a contestant in season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter reality competition television show.

Fighting style is:Taekwondo Muay Thai Brazilian JiuJitsu Catch Wrestling

She holds a Black belt in Taekwondo

Colleen Schneider uses a dual hydraulic machine in her own MMA training as well as in her personal training business. 

Eagles High School Football Team

The Allen, TX, Eagles has one of the largest and most dominant football teams in Texas. 

Included in their training room are 10-Power Neck machines. The Power Neck Machine has been used and proven by champions, over and over again. From the 1980 Olympic Champion Hockey Team to 1000’s of other schools, fitness centers as well as collegiate and professional sports teams all over the world. And it is still the best strength and conditioning neck machine on the market today!

The Power Neck machine was originally designed by a High School Football Coach, Jerry Brentham, back in 1967. When Jerry Brentham was coaching high school athletics, he witnessed one of his athletes narrowly escape serious injury while working out with a weight machine. Jerry then set out to devise a safe method of strength training. Drawing on expertise gained earlier while working for a company that designed and manufactured hydraulic equipment, the concept was born. 

We manufacture commercial gym equipment that is safe strength training equipment for home fitness, physical therapy, clinical rehab, geriatric exercise, and athletic and sports performance training.

The muscle mass is gained by the resistance provided by the hydraulic pistons (cylinders) filled with fluid, typically hydraulic oil. Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is used in physical therapy and rehab to build muscle throughout the full range of motion. It is the only strength equipment that can safely be done with speed and is the main reason professional athletes use hydraulic resistance also called velocity enhanced resistance. Hydra is short for hydraulic and Hydro is also used to describe fluid exercise and fluid-filled resistance machines.

While we oftentimes sell other brands of used hydraulic fitness equipment we do not sell or manufacture the Curves for Women machines or circuit sets. Our machines are similar to Curves in that we both use hydraulic cylinders but our cylinders are heavy duty commercial hydraulic pistons that are hand-made in America, by us, for human exercise only. The hydraulic cylinders used on the Curves machines and many other brands are usually mass produced automobile shock absorbers.

If you are searching for commercial gym equipment sets, physical therapy equipment, exercise equipment for chiropractic rehab, athletic performance training equipment, or for a unique way to enhance your gym equipment offering, we have the quality workmanship and best prices for your project.

We provide training and manuals along with group circuit workout essentials. We can also assist you with business planning, licensing, franchising, private labeling, branding, and all phases of start-up assistance and consulting. Check out our Store for items that you may find helpful during your start up phase. We encourage questions and ideas on how we can produce better products and services, so give us a call at 1-918-949-8362 or email info@fastfunfitness.com 


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