30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats
30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats

AeroStrength for Seniors

"When you think it's too late, be careful you don't let that become your excuse for giving up. No one can keep you from success except yourself." Dushan Wang, Top Fashion Model at 79 years old.

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Dushan Wang

Age 24 became an actor

Age 44 started to learn the English language

Age 49 created his own pantomime group and left for Beijing where he lost everything and became a Beijing drifter. 

Age 50 he stepped into a gym for the first time and began working out

Age 57 he returned to the stage as an actor 

Age 70 he stepped-up his workouts

Age 79 he walked the "cat walk" with world-class models in Beijing's Fashion Week

Seniors of all ages prefer AeroStrength fitness equipment over iron weights, pulley systems, elastic bands, or cardio machines because it offers:

  • No entry or exit barriers 
  • Smooth fluid movements 
  • Its simple to use
  • There's less risk of injury
  •  Its gentle on joints and muscles

AeroStrength hydraulic exercise equipment is perfect for the active aging and even the very aged in long-term care facilities.

There are no complicated electronics, pins, or buttons.

Designed with Seniors in mind, every machine is easy-entry, easy-exit, and has large handles for easy-grip.

If a handle is released suddenly it stays where it was released or it slowly moves downward into position. This safety feature puts AeroStrength at the top of the list in senior safe strength equipment. 

AeroStrength Circuit Classes are also social and non-competitive

Add a little music and watch them socialize, have fun, and start feeling better ~ fast! 

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Equipment Packages for Seniors, Active Aging, and Assisted Living Centers

At Home Fitness

This set exercises over 20-muscle groups for a full body strength and cardio workout. 

Space required is only 100 square feet! That's about the size of a small bedroom or office. 

1) Multi-Gym 

2) Lift Task-Total Body

3) Adductor-Abductor (thigh)

4) Vertical Fly-Upper Back

Join the 55-million Americans that are turning back the hands of time!

Call today to get started feeling stronger and having more energy. 

This is exercise equipment that won't end up in a garage sale or collecting dust.

You will love exercising on this comfortable equipment.

It's easy, gentle on joints, and most people report no muscle soreness. 

Don't let fear of pain or injury stop you from getting fit. 

This is fitness equipment you will love to use. Results are quick and painless.

Senior Living Communities

This set accomodates 18-people at once. If you need more or less, just call us, we would be happy to assist you with your fitness equipment needs. 


(9-machines + 9-jogging squares)

1) Lift Task - Total Body

2) Adductor-Abductor

3) Leg Ext-Knee Curl

4) Upright Row-Tricep Press

5) Shoulder Press-Lat Pull

6) Chest Press-Back Row

7) Vertical Fly-Upper Back

8) Abdominal-Low Back

9) Dip Shrug

10) Jogging Squares (9)

One lap around this 18-station circuit fulfills the CDC's physical activity recommendation for Americans aged 65 and older. It completes full-body strengthening and cardiovascular aerobic recommendations at the same time. 

Assisted Living Exercise Room

This set fits in a small space exercise room and requires only 100 square feet. It accomodates 2 to 4 people at once. 


1) Multi-Gym      6-in-1 machine 

2) Additional Multi-Gym 6-in-1 machine

3) Adductor-Abductor (thigh)

4) Dip Shrug

Read why even geriatric patients should exercise with others below.

Social well-being – Training with a partner gives you that social contact that is often non-existent when doing it along or even with a therapist or trainer.

Comraderie and Accountability – Often when patients count on each they are more likely to feel like going. 

Competitve Instincts - Even Geriatric patients tend to do a bit more or push a little hard when working out with a partner. 

Shared goals – If two people are working towards a common goal, it helps to build more resolve and resilience. 


hydraulic exercise machine home gym hydrafitness AeroStrength Hydraulic Multi-Gym 6-in-1 plus

The Multi-Gym is an entire gym in one tiny package!

Just 15-minutes a day on the AeroStrenth Multi-Gym will give you a full-body workout that burns more calories than running, swimming, aerobics, or working out on a treadmill or elliptical. 

How? When you combine cardio exercise with strength conditioning you burn twice the amount of calories in half the time! 

Quality and Comfort

Large comfortable seat, adjustable to any leg length, no weight limit, smooth fluid movements much like swimming. 6-levels of velocity controlled resistance makes this unit the perfect fit!  

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