Instructor leading hydraulic equipment fitness class
Instructor leading hydraulic equipment fitness class

Health Clubs increase market share with The Super Circuit

              Sports Performance, Women, Senior Fitness, and Therapy

Regardless of their goal, whether they are Olympic Fit or just out of physical therapy, this equipment meets them where they are and takes them further than they thought possible! 

aerostrength hydraulic fitness equipment it figures hydragym pace Picture above is a group circuit class on the previous model of AeroStrength

Each AeroStrength hydraulic fitness machine is both cardio and strength and works opposing muscle groups at the same time! You get an full body strength and cardio workout in just a few minutes!

Participants report quick fat loss, increased cardio, and muscular endurance, no muscle soreness, and an increase in motivation! 

Participants can workout on their own or in a group class. There's a myriad of ways to use the circuit and we can help! We have put together an Instructor's Training Manual full of fun and entertaining class formats. 

high intensity interval training room layout gym circuit room layout for interval training formats

The AeroStrength Super Circuit is a large circle made up of alternating strength machines with cushioned fitness boards. (See our Jogging Squares.) 

Intervals can be timed with automated cues or Instructor Led. 

It's the perfect HIIT workout for work /recover/work/recover circuit training.                                                                                              

Super Circuit Packages:                                                                                         

30-Stations (accomodates up to 30-people at once)

14-AeroStrength, 1-Power Max, plus 15-Jogging Squares

24-Station (accomodates up to 24-people at once)

12-AeroStrength plus 12-Jogging Squares

20-Station (accomodates up to 20-people at once)

10-AeroStrength plus 10-Jogging Squares                        

Every Super Circuit Package includes

  • 2-Heart Rate Chart Fitness Posters 
  • 4-Voice Cue Cd's with Heart Rate Check (for automated interval circuit class)
  • Instructor Training Manual with 5-Group Circuit Class Formats

We are always happy to customize your equipment package to meet your budget. 

Choose from 55-colors of upholstery and between gray or black frames. 

NEED HELP GETTING STARTED? Call us, we can help! We can assist with:

  • Business Plan
  • Start-Up Manual
  • Operational Forms
  • Operational Business Training
  • Sales Training 
  • Equipment Training
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions Ideas
  • Grand Opening Assistance
  • Telephone and Email Consultations
  • And you can choose from on-sight training or online training. 


AeroStrength Hydraulic Exercise Equipment saves time because each machine exercises the cardiovascular system and strengthens opposing muscle groups all at the same time!

AeroStrength automatically adjusts to the user’s strength and speed making it safe for most anyone regardless of age or fitness condition.

AeroStrength’s fluid resistance provides smooth movements and is gentle on joints. There are no complicated electronics and yet its easy to track results. Results come within weeks, not months, making it the most effective exercise you will ever experience.

  • Athletes can get faster results and increase aerobic power in half the time of conventional training methods. 
  • Seniors can experience no muscle or joint soreness while SAFELY increasing strength.
  • Physical Therapists can work with multiple clients at the same time without the risk of injury.
  • Weight loss clients can get faster results thereby increasing enthusiasm to stick to their program. 
  • Busy Professionals can get a full-body workout in less than 30-minutes! The circuit is cardio, strength, and even flexibility! 
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