hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment
hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment

We know fitness equipment and the hydraulic system that work best!

For years, Anita Miller, Founder and CEO of Fast Fun Fitness, used several lines of hydraulic exercise equipment for many of the health club brands she owned and those she helped start. None of the equipment lived up to her expectations in quality, ease of use, performance, and warranty promises.

Finally, in 2003, she decided to design a new hydraulic fitness equipment line that would become the standard in it's class for quality and performance in the fitness industry. To do that, she sought out top fitness equipment manufacturers, exercise physiologists, and consulted with a chiropractor and physical therapist. As a result, today, the AeroStrength line is top in its class. 

We offer the highest quality exercise equipment manufactured right here in American with the most advanced velocity controlled resistance system and the best warranties in the industry.

AeroStrength hydraulic exercise machines offer smooth fluid resistance that is controlled completely by the user.


The resistance is accomodating through the full range of movement.

If the user stops or fatigues at any time during a movement the resistance stops. This is in contrast to free weight or weight stack equipment that must return to the starting point before the resistance is zero. 

This makes it the perfect choice for Senior Fitness Programming, Geriatrics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and the Ladies Only Fitness market. However, our equipment is used by Professional Football Players and Olympic Teams and is strong enough to stand up to the rigorous training of elite athletes.

Who said it had to be hard? We believe "easy" is a good thing even when it comes to exercise!

Here's why: if a user suddenly fatigues to the point of failure and is stuck with an iron weight in motion there is a high risk of injury and just importantly there is a negative mental effect. 

With AeroStrength, when anyone fatigues, they can easily finish the movement. Most people can easily finish the entire set or timed interval without having to stop! Additionally, there is no risk of injury. 

The more speed and force you push and pull with the more resistance you encounter on all 6-settings. As you begin to fatigue the resistance continues to adjust (automatically) and gets easier as it dynamically matches your strength thoughout the full movement. This accomodating resistance allows you to finish your set without the risk of injury!

AeroStrength's cylinders, seat padding, upholstery, and frame construction will stand the test of time.

The seat padding is made of very thick, closed-cell, high-density foam.

The upholstery is sewn, not wrapped and stapled. It is constructed with medical grade vinyl, which is less porous and reduces the build-up of bacteria.

The cylinders have large user-friendly dials to adjust the resistance. And they are designed specifically for human exercise with high-grade hydraulic fluid to deliver a smooth, quiet, durable action.

The frames are a made of hefty sheets of steel to add stability and strength. They are constructed using commercial grade connectors with close tolerance spacing resulting in tight, smooth operation.

Read more about the quality of manufacturing and constructon details below. 

6 levels of resistance hydraulic exercise cylinders Hydraulic Exercise Cylinder

AeroStrength Hydraulic Exercise Cylinders

There are 6-levels of resistance that are velocity controlled for an unlimited amount of resistance levels. The harder and faster you push and pull the more resistance you encounter.


We've never heard of anyone maxing-out the resistance on AeroStrength!   

Our cylinders are made for human exercise not automobiles. Automobile shock absorbers are made for cars not humans. 

We were unsatisfied with the automobile shock absorbers that were being widely used in the industry. Most offered no way to increase or decrease the resistance other than user velocity (speed). This resulted in user's having to go faster and faster as they became more fit. And that result was disastrous since it forced the user to shorten their stroke, compromise body alignment, and eventually hit a plateau.

Our cylinders are specifically made for human exercise. We utilize the best hydraulic parts to manufacture superior cylinders that are specifically designed for our machines. 

We've included extra large knobs that are easy to REACH, easy to READ and will stay where you put it. 

Our Cylinders are constructed by hand at our factory with precision sealing and oil-lite bearings. 

aerostrength hydrafitness exercise equipment frames laser cut and welded Laser Cut and High Heat Oven Powder Coated Steel Frames

AeroStrength Frames

Our frames are made of 10-gauge commercial grade sheets of steal with reinforced welds to offer stability and maximum support.


Our 2016 designs are stylishly enhanced with smooth curves that soften and better align with the fluid movements of hydraulic fitness. 


The raw steel is sand blasted and then sprayed with a RUST PROOF coating before being powder coated with the highest grade paint and cured in the hottest oven. 

Most of the machines easily accommodate a wide range of individuals from 4'5" to 6'6" tall.

Most of the machines have no entry or exit barriers making it easy to enter and quick to exit; perfect for seniors and those in therapy.

FRAME Colors to choose from are: Black Slick, Textured Black, White Slick, Silver Slick, Textured Gray

The handles are covered in slip proof, germ resistant foam and have a large grip for more comfort when applying pressure. 

High durability upholstery for exercise equipment Seats are large and dense. Corners are smooth.

AeroStrength Upholstery

Our Upholstery is Boltasport. It is specifically made for the fitness industry with the Highest GRADE commercial quality.

There are 55 Colors of upholstery to choose from.

The seats are padded with closed cell foam that is 2-inches thick to keep it from smashing down in heavy use spots.

The seats are large and have smooth corners designed for easy-in and easy-out.


We use LONG LASTING heavy duty stitching that will keep your investment beautiful for years to come. 

Additional Features are: 

  • Outstanding stain resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance 
  • Resistant to common scuffing and burnishing.
  • Eliminates blocking and prevents premature aging.
  • Sulfide Stain Resistant
  • Urine Stain Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Superior Disinfectant Resistance
aerostrength hydraulic fitness equipment upholstery brand Pads are thick and upholstery is sewn to last for years
explanation of hydraulic fitness equipment multi gym Multi-Gym 6-in-1+ Fitness Equipment Features

We are a build-to-order manufacturer that allows you to choose frame and seat upholstery colors. There is no additional charge for the choice of colors. To have your Name or Logo embroidered on the seat backs or decals placed on the frames, there is an additional fee. All orders are custom orders so please allow a minimum of 6-weeks of build time. Please email your logo or name files to info@fastfunfitness.com for a quote.

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