30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats
30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats

AeroStrength Hydraulic Strength Training Equipment is the professional's choice!

We introduced our new designs in February of 2016. Our customers love the more stylish look and the easy to reach resistance dials on every piece. We've also made it easier to enter and exit each machine. The seats are larger and the foot print is more compact.

hydraulic fitness total power pace hydra-gym AeroStrength Multi-Gym 6-in-1

 The unique attributes of hydraulic resistance equipment has attracted a diverse group of professionals for over 40-years.

Professional and Amatuer Athletic Training Centers have used hydraulic exercise equipment for over 40-years to produce explosive POWER​ and lessen the risk of injury during intense training periods.

Physical Therapy and Hospital Rehab Facilities have used it (remember Hydrafitness?) for nearly the same length of time to gently and more safely rehabilitate muscle strength and muscular balance.

Chiropractic Clinics use it to  gently correct muscular body balance by the strengthening of opposing muscle groups.

Senior Living Centers and Long-term Care Facilities use it for gentle exercise that creates a social and non-intimidating environment. It's also simple to use and safter than other forms of strength and cardio fitness equipment. 

Weight Loss Centers incorporate it into their weight loss programs to help clients quickly accelerate fat loss and painlessly increase lean body mass. The increased muscle fiber recruitment burns more calories than strength training or cardio alone. It's cardio and strength training in one small machine.

International Health Club chains have used it for express circuit workouts that attract busy professionals and for high intensity interval training (HIIT). 

From 1990, to-date, there have been tens of thousands of womens fitness centers and express circuit workout clubs around the globe that have exclusively used the fluid-resistance equipment as their business model. Here are just a few: Curves for Women International, Fit Express International., It Figures Fitness International,  Figures of Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil, Shapes International, Ladies Workout Express, PACE Health Clubs, Express Fit Franchise, Slender Lady Franchise, Butterfly Life Fitness Franchise, Siluets of Spain and France, Shake and Shape of Singapore, Shapes Xpress, Go Figure, and many others. These business model's have helped millions of people that that would not normally enter a conventional gym.  

Wellness Centers, Hotels, Resorts, and Chiropractic Clinics love AeroStrength because of the low impact and small footprint of this gentle and safe exercise equipment.

Each piece is the equivalent of two convention strength machines AND one cardio machine! 

AeroStrength creates a balanced body by gently working opposing muscle groups at the same time. It's safer than other types of strength machines because there are no weights, pullies, or pins, to hassle with. There's virtually no muscle soreness because the smooth fluid movements are concentric contractions in both directions. Clients actually enjoy this exercise! And happy clients stick to their exercise program longer. 

Active Aging and Senior Living Centers enjoy simple, non-electronic equipment that allows them to socialize while increasing strength, balance, and cardio endurance.

Gentle on joints, low-impact, and smooth fluid resistance in a fun social setting; you can't go wrong with this combination!

If you are searching for an exercise program that your clients will enjoy but also one that is highly effective, then you've found it.  

AeroStrength hydraulic exercise equipment is fun, social, highly effective at building muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance and safer than other exercise equipment. 

Physical Therapists have used hydraulic resistance to rebuild injured muscles since the 1970's. 

Introduced to the market by a Sports Coach to safely increase strength it quickly caught the attention of Sports Rehab professionals. It became an essential piece of equipment for rehabilitating injured players. 

The resistance is accomodating and is dynamically controlled by the client's speed and force. The client also experiences less muscle spasms with the bi-directional concentric contractions much like exercising in the water.

If you are looking for gentle and safe therapy equipment to add to your clinic then contact us today for a price quote.  You and your clients will love AeroStrength!

55-plus Retirement Communities

The AeroStrength hydraulic exercise circuit is safer and simpler to use than most other exercise equipment.  Its highly effective at building strength, increasing endurance, balance, and even flexibility. 

In a group setting, everyone goes at their own speed and there is no coordination required. It not complicated, you simply push and pull.

Limited range of motion, no problem! The resistance dynamically matches the user's strength at all angles in the movement. If the user stops and lets go of the lever arm, it slowly glides back to the start position. 

Results come quickly and without the intimidation and pain that seniors often feel with other gym equipment. 

You can't go wrong by choosing AeroStrength hydraulic circuit equipment. 

A Healthy Business Model for Health Clubs & Fitness Franchises 

The key to attracting a NEW MARKET SEGMENT is to eliminate as many obstacles as possible and GUARANTEE RESULTS.

With AeroStrength's Super Circuit you can do just that!

It's gentle, it's fun, and it will produce FAST RESULTS in less than 30-minutes 3-times a week!  

Fast Fun Fitness has provided turn-key business start-up packages to over 1500 health clubs in 30-countries. Whether you are searching for new equipment, a new instructor led class concept, or a complete business model, we can help.

Women make up 65% of the 80-billion dollar health club industry and this time-saving workout is perfect for the busy mom or professional.

The quick circuit workout is virtually painless and BURNS MORE FAT CALORIES THAN ANY OTHER TYPE OF FITNESS PROGRAM. Your members will get results the very first month!

In just a few short weeks of 20 to 30-minute workouts your members will be thanking you.

It's the easiest and quickest way to lose weight and get in shape. And if you add an instructor to the mix, its even more FUN! 

Get your piece of the action and call Fast Fun Fitness to order your equipment or a complete turn-key business opportunity today.                      

Email us at   info@fastfunfitness.com             

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Top Athletes Have Trained on Hydraulic Fitness Equipment since 1969 and they are still training on it today.

Explosive Force, Aerobic Power, and Endurance are a few of the benefits.

Hydraulic resistance training allows for high-speed training of the type II fast twitch muscle fibers. Now athletes can train at the same speeds that they perform.

Three time gold medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg, works out 40-minutes on hydraulic exercise machines three times a week. He says it's the toughest thing he's ever done outside water.

UFC's Gilbert Melendez, works out on hydraulic exercise machines to utilize omnikinetic resistance through full range of motion at every angle, speed and plane of movement.  This produces explosive strength, power, and  endurance.

MMA Fighter, Colleen Schneider, uses in her training for the fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment that enable her to move quickly and powerfully.

Top professionals choose AeroStrength because: 

It's easy, simple, gentle, yet highly effective.

There are no clanky, jerky, iron weights, just smooth fluid movements.

There is less risk of injury.

It requires less space and is easy to move around. 

It's wholly manufactured in the United States.

It has high quality parts and requires very little maintenance.

It is true commercial grade fitness equipment that will stand up to heavy use. 

It is backed by the best warranties in the industry.

There are no complicated electronics and clients love the quick results.

We are a build-to-order manufacturer that allows you to choose frame and seat upholstery colors. There is no additional charge for the choice of colors. To have your Name or Logo embroidered on the seat backs or decals placed on the frames, there is an additional fee. All orders are custom orders so please allow a minimum of 6-weeks of build time. Please email your logo or name files to info@fastfunfitness.com for a quote.

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