hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment
hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment

How Does Fluid Resistance Exercise Work?

The best part is, fluid resistance is accommodating resistance, this makes it safe for most any user, any age and any fitness level.

AeroStrength hydraulic exercise equipment combines the principles of isotonics and isokinetics. It's fluid resistance provides an optimal workout for all three-energy systems of the muscle (phosphagen, anaerobic, aerobic) and including the contractile properties (muscle metabolites, enzymes and proteins) of both the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

Hydraulic exercise eliminates inertia resulting in maximum muscle fiber recruitment through the entire range of motion. Athletes can strength train like they perform, with speed, and with less risk of injury. Strength with speed equates to aerobic power (explosive force).

Hydraulic exercise equipment can provide 100% true maximal muscle overload.  For an athlete this is good news! As both the speed and resistance vary throughout the range of motion the muscles continue to overload at all joint angles. This provides optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed, and endurance.

As the muscle fatigues, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust so that an athlete can still work at 100% of what the muscles are capable of generating at that time.

For the older or deconditioned user this accommodating fluid resistance reduces stress on joints and soft tissue. And the dual concentric muscle contractions also eliminate the eccentric loading of the muscles thereby reducing muscle soreness. This is why Seniors and Women love it!

Every movement engages multiple muscle groups, and the push/pull dynamic recruits twice as many muscle fibers as other comparable strength training movements. For those wanting to quickly reduce body fat, it offers superior results. When used in athletic training the result is rapid anaerobic energy failure that can most closely be compared to sprinting. This translates into superior endurance for optimal performance. 

History of Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

One Man's Solution

In 1967, high school coach, Jerry Brentham, witnessed one of his athletes narrowly escape serious injury while training on a weight-lifting machine. That's the moment Jerry set out to devise a safer method of strength training. Drawing on expertise he had acquire while working for a hydraulic systems manufacturer, Hydra-Gym was born. In 1969, he unveiled the first machine. The response from area coaches was enthusiastic. So, Jerry quit coaching to devote himself full-time to the business. In 1985, Hydra-Gym Industries produced over 20 different machines, employed 100 people and posted sales of more than $6.5 million.

Advanced Training Method

From High School to Professional and Olympic Teams

 By the mid '80s, Hydra-Gym Athletics became know as Hydra-Fitness and had a large base of dedicated athletic users. Consequently, colleges and athletic training specialists began to research the benefits of hydraulic resistance.  The results of those studies attracted the attention of physical therapists and sports rehabilitation specialists. The scientific studies proved the many benefits of the dual concentric contractions and accommodating resistance. Some of the benefits were only possible through the use of this form of resistance training. 

The HF Maxx Multi-Gym by HydraFitness has not been manufactured for decades. However, may are still in use today in colleges and physical therapy clinics. 

There is little maintenance required on hydraulic exercise machines. And many of our customers have had their equipment for over 20-years without the need for repair.

The HF Total Power 3-in-1 by HydraFitness can still be found in many physical therapy clinics today. In the 80's and early 90's the price tag for a Hydra Fitness Total Power multi-gym was between $7000 and $10,0000 per unit. Later, changes were made to reduce the cost. The gages that measured pressure in the cylinders throughout the movement were discontinued to make the unit more cost effective for a broader market.

Below is an old video of the Multi-Gym model without the gages. This model was called the Total Power and was manufactured up until 2016.

Below is the New Design of the AeroStrength Multi-Gym 6-in-1+

hydra-gym machines hydra fitness equipment total power multi gym The New Design of the old Hydra Fitness Multi-Gym, now AeroStrength
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