hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment
hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment

The Most Popular Benefits of Fluid Resistance Training Are The Quick Results

Working out on Hydraulic Exercise Equipment is easy, quick, and highly effective at building muscle and burning body fat! 

Quick Fat Burning Results

AeroStrength's hydraulic exercise circuit is the fastest way to burn fat and the easiest and safest way to build muscle!

In just 18-sessions that were only 30-minutes each, 79 women, ages thirteen to sixty-four, lost 497-inches, and 553-pounds of fat! They also gained an incredible 200-pounds of calorie burning muscle! The average inches lost in the first 6-weeks was 24-inches!

But did you know that it all started with men, not Curves For Women? Twenty years before Curves came on the scene, amateur and pro football players were the only ones experiencing the benefits of hydraulic exercise equipment.

The Chicago Bears, U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, NBA players, and Professional Boxers, have all used hydraulic exercise to gain the advantage over competition.

It wasn't until the mid-90's that Curves For Women introduced their line of fitness equipment. It was used in a 30-minute high intensity interval training format called a circuit workout. Now, that format is better known as a HIIT workout. High Intensity  Interval Training combines intervals of low-intensity exercise with intervals of high intensity exercise.  Long-term studies show that the HIIT workout produces a greater loss in subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat under the skin) compared to prolonged cardio sessions.

The ease of use and quick fat loss are the primary reasons the 30-minute circuit workout concept grew to 20,000 health clubs in just a few short years.

Gentle On Joints and Muscles

There are no negative contractions with hydraulic gym equipment. There are only smooth fluid movements that are painless!

AeroStrength's resistance is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder which is filled with fluid. There is smooth fluid resistance in both directions, the push and the pull. The result is a double concentric (positive) contraction of the muscles. The lack of an eccentric (negative) contraction results in less stress on the joints during the exercise and less soreness in the muscles after the exercise.

Most soreness is the result of applying resistance (load) when lengthening a muscle. The lengthening of a muscle when applying resistance is called an eccentric (negative) contraction.

There are no iron weights or elastic bands that could accidently slip from your hands. If you let go of the handles on the machine most will stay exactly where you left them. Other lever arms will slowly glide downward as the fluid runs back through the cylinder.

There are no jerky movements, no need for a spotter, and no reason to worry about the mishaps of conventional strength training.

Personal trainers and Therapists love the fact that their clients don't need constant supervision. 

Our line of hydraulic exercise equipment is easy-on and easy-off and it fits nearly every size of adult.

The is only 1-piece that has an adjustment and it takes 2-seconds to make it. That piece is the Leg Extension-Knee Curl that adjusts to individual leg length.

The Express Total Body Workout

With AeroStrength you can BLAST OFF FAT, BUILD MUSCLE PAINLESSLY, and get your CARDIO EXERCISE at the same time!

More and more researchers are reporting that short bursts of intense exercise sessions produce similar results as the traditional longer-duration workouts. Some recent studies report great benefits from 10-minutes of intense exercise a few times per week. Other researchers are reporting great results from only 5-minutes per day! 

Of course, these reports are nothing new to us. Our customers and their clients have been experiencing amazing results from express circuit workouts for over 20-years!

If you would like to read more about the benefits of short workouts and hydraulic exercise, contact us.  We would be happy to supply you with independent research and articles. 

 Further, express workouts meet the needs of today's busy professionals. Most people don't want to spend hours every week in the gym trying to get in shape.  And even though more people are joining gyms than ever before, they are also dropping out at the same rate as they always have. This is due to lack of motivation. 

The 30-minute express circuit workout is perfect for these groups.

Now, with AeroStrength, they can stay motivated! Why? Because quick results are motivating!

Find out NOW how your clients can start getting amazing results in only a few short sessions per week!

surge 360 machine hydra gym athletics power maxx Dual Power Max 360

The Most Popular Benefit with Athletes is the quick increase of Explosive Force

AeroStrength if gravity-free strength training that can be done with speed.  It combines the principles of isotonics and isokinetics as both the spped and resistance vary throughout the range of motion of the exercise. This can provide 100% maximal muscle overload at all joint angles which provide optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed, and endurance. As the muscle fatigues, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust so the athlete is still working at 100% of what the muscle is capable of generating at the time. 


The Dual Power Max 360 offers resistance through the full range of motion at every angle, speed, and plane. The results in explosive  power are astounding! It's the secret training weapon of many MMA and UFC fighters.

All of the elite athletes we've listed below have used and continue to promote the use of hydraulic exercise equipment in performance and athletic training. 

Chicago Bears and the 49's San Francisco Coach, Mike Singletary, Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Olympic Hockey Team, NFL HOF, Holly McPeak, Olympic Volleyball Medalist, Colleen Schneider, MMA Champion, Gilbert Melendez, UFC's Champion Fighter, Lenny Krayzelburg, 3 Olympic Gold Medals, Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs Baseball Legend, A.J. Hawk, GreenBay Packers Linebacker, Steve Fraser, USA Olympic Wrestling Coach, and hundreds of others along with 1000's of high school and college athletes.  

Kudos to the Allen Eagles Football Team, of Allen, Texas for incorporating 10-Power Neck Machines into their required training program. 

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