30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats
30 minute circuit workout instructor led class formats

5-Million Women Can't Be Wrong! The 30-Minute Circuit Workout is the Perfect Fit!

Customers are demanding more attention and want specific group training formats that don't require an entire hour of their time. That's why high-touch, specialty boutique studios, and small group training programs are growing exponentially in the U.S. market. We've found that most women prefer a ladies only environment that's non-intimidating and one that offers an express workout. We've opened clubs in over 40-countries and you can find our brands of hydraulic exercise equipment in 85-countries around the world.

30-Minute Total Body Fitness Programs are it! 

Each AeroStrength Hydraulic Fitness machine is both cardio and strength and works opposing muscle groups at the same time. You get an full body strength and cardio workout in just a few minutes!


Participants report quick fat loss, an increase in cardio endurance, and muscular strength. And all of this with no muscle soreness!

They also love the non-intimidating environment, the fun music and group circuit training classes that produce quick results.

There's a myriad of ways to use the hydraulic circuit workout and we can help! Participants can workout on their own or in a group, either way, they love the  express circuit workout. We have put together an Instructor's Training Manual full entertaining class formats. 

A 20-Station Super Circuit will accommodate 20-people at once. 

It's made up of 10-AeroStrength Machines and 10-Jogging Squares. This combination is the perfect high intensity interval training workout. Participants move from one strength machine to a recovery jogging square every 30-seconds. Three laps around is 30-minutes.

In just 30-minutes they have worked every major muscle group in their body three times and maintained an interval format of work/rest/work/rest to burn more body fat than any other 30-minute exercise program.

The added, and often overlooked, benefit of using hydraulic fitness equipment for high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts is the strength training component. This is a major factor in producing quick weight loss results that last. 

Cardio HIIT workouts alone cannot produce the lasting results that hydraulic fitness strength training equipment can.

Every 20-Station Super Circuit Package includes

  • 2-Heart Rate Chart Fitness Posters 
  • 4-Voice Cue Cd's with Heart Rate Check (for automated interval circuit class)
  • Instructor Training Manual with 5-Group Circuit Class Formats

​Or let us customize your equipment package to meet your budget. You can also choose from over 55-colors of upholstery and 5-frame colors. 


Call us, we've assisted thousands of new fitness business owners with

  • All phases of the start-up process 
  • On-site training for you and your staff
  • Grand Opening assistance
  • On-going support when needed

We do not charge a royalty like franchises do and there are no on-going licensing fees. There is no long-term franchise contract that will limit what you can offer.

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